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We are Andrew and Angela, a journalist and scriptwriter who help organisations with communication, marketing and social media. Through our stories we’ve changed how people think about death and bereavement, helped engage thousands of people in a conversation about the NHS and given people the help they need to tell their own stories.

If you need to communicate – online, in person, or as an organisation – we can help you. We work with you to spot the stories that you can tell and give you the insights, skills and confidence to bring those stories to life.


Our services

Social Media

We can help you to:

  • Create your own fabulous social media content
  • Have a great plan for sharing that content so it builds followers and interest
  • Have a consistent message and tone of voice
  • Make sure it adds up to a strategy that complements your overall objectives

You can use us to think through what you need to do and make that a plan. Or you can hire us to take on and run your social media channels.

See what we’ve done for others.

Communications Advice

We can help with:

  • Campaigns
  • Communication programmes
  • Media relations

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Writing and content creation

If you need a speech, a blog post or an article get in touch. We are professional writers with years of experience polishing your ideas and turning your thoughts into beautiful prose.

We can help with:

  • One-off pieces
  • Understand what you need to write about
  • A writing project for you

See our about page for more about our writing.

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Brightwell Creative worked with us to help structure an effective content development strategy and help define our tone of voice. They took time to really understand our business and develop an insight-led, strategic approach that will serve us well for many years to come. I would not hesitate in recommending them to our own clients and anyone looking to improve their approach to content.

Neujuice Nick Davis, Creative Director

Working with Andrew and Angela has without a doubt been the single most positive business decision I’ve made in the last twelve months. They understand where my business needs to go and have been able to break down this journey into steps and tasks that are manageable and easy to understand. I’m extremely grateful of their input and know that they give a great deal of thought with their decisions and have the best interests of my business at heart. With their help and guidance I feel my business has a bright future.

Stick It On Rob Drysdale, Founder and owner

Having the experience and knowledge of Brightwell Creative behind us has really helped us to establish and grow the business as quickly as we have. From helping us to develop a successful online presence to seeking out the right online voices to support what we have done, their advice and guidance has been amazing.

Brighton Food Tours Catriona Lane, co-founder

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This blog has been a bit unloved over the last few weeks, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. Below are the pieces I’ve been busy with – both journalism and politics related. Hope you enjoy.   Writing about filter bubbles and echo chambers I’ve been writing a series of articles about how journalists, […]

Hyperreality, fake news and the lost power of linking

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, fake news has been in the ‘real’ news. Detractors claim Facebook negligently allowed baseless attacks, masquerading as real news, to damage Hillary Clinton’s reputation and seal victory for her rival. A senior writer at the Washington Post even argues that Facebook should employ an editor to stop the fake news virus […]

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Have you noticed how many jobs Nigel Farage is about to take or has just decided not to take? First Nigel scotched claims he was about to appear on the TV show, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, because he wasn’t a ‘blithering idiot’…   Article: Daily Telegraph. 18 October, 2016   Then he said […]

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