Adding to the Twitter map

I’ve realised that adding to the Twitter map for Brighton and Hove can be a bit of a pain, so I’m writing this quick post to explain to people an easy way to do it (which basically involves you telling me).

If you tweet me (@andbwell) and include the hashtag #bhtwitmap, I can add stuff – but only (and this really is an only) if you provide me with good latitude and longitude co-ordinates for what you want adding.

I guess there are two ways of doing this:-

1). you are standing in front of the thing and send me a geotagged tweet
2). you quickly visit this nifty site,, find the place and paste the co-ordinates into the tweet (or email me at andrew dot brightwell at gmail dot com).

Remember to send me the Twitter account (if it isn’t obvious) and any other instructions and contact details you’d like adding.

Of course, if none of this works just email or tweet me and I’ll help!!


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