Gritting bins in Brighton

Brighton in the snow taken by Neate Photos - on a Creative Commons Licence

With all the cold weather I thought it might be useful to have a little look at the gritting information available for where I live.

I’ve taken a PDF file on Brighton and Hove’s website and made it into a spreadsheet, which you can see here.

I’ve also made the spreadsheet into a kind of pivot-table type explorable gadget, which you can see as a tab on the spreadsheet. This should make it easy for you to be able to play a bit with the data – and find out where the grit bins in your area are. Word of warning: This provides the location of the bins from the PDF – which, as I understand it, can be used by public when necessary. Lots of wards (including my own, Brunswick and Adelaide) don’t have bins, probably because they’re quite built up. The pixel limit of my theme means I can’t stretch it across the page, but you can see it below. To play with it properly I’d recommend that you go to the spreadsheet.

The council has recently added a number of bins since the cold weather last year (and early this year) and you can use the gadget to see where the new bins are.

What’s missing at the moment are the lat-long co-ordinates for each of the bins. It might (also) be helpful to find out whether the bins are full – and what ‘yellow, green, cream’ bins are specifically for.

Brighton and Hove has lots of information about the bins, but nothing specifically about routes. In Birmingham there was a list of the roads that get gritted. Dave Harte of the Bournville blog made that in to a map for his area and turned it into a spreadsheet. Inspired by this, a few folk who are members of the local OpenStreetMap group turned it into a more comprehensive map for the Midlands.

It’d be nice if we could start a similar bit of community activity here in Brighton, but I’m too new to the area to have a clue where to start! However, I’ve made an open copy of the spreadsheet. This is just in case anyone else wants to add information – for example lat/long or more info about the location of the grit bins.

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