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A hyperlocal news service for Brum

As part of my studies for an MA in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University I’m involved in a new project to run a hyperlocal news site for Birmingham.
Ahh. So here we go. I’m going to try to explain our idea in 150 words…

Imagine a website for central Birmingham. You go to the site and see a map of, wait for it, central Birmingham. It’s split into smaller areas and you’re be able to click on each one. You decide to click on Digbeth, cos that’s where you live. Great! Up comes a stream of information all about Digbeth. You can contribute to this, either from the website or from Twitter, using our handy hash tag #brumdigbeth. We (that’s the folk who run the site) will scan the feed for morsels to make into blog posts that we’ll encourage anyone to contribute to, thus creating a brand new hyperlocal news service for Birmingham.

Gulp. How’s that? It took me 130 words. What we’re hoping to do now is get people interested in helping us to get the site going, telling us what we should do and how we can improve it. What I’ve sketched out here is the rough idea, so any help at all is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “A hyperlocal news service for Brum

  1. Hi Andrew

    Nice website. If you use tags and categories it will be easier for people to find your content/site. You can go back and edit to add them in. I’m sure if you put in brum, birmingham and digbeth etc you will get lots of readers/commentators. It is easier to get people to read than to comment, so a good idea might be to invite some guests to write posts to get the ball rolling.

    Hope this helps

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